Helping others

I want more people to come out and start helping those who are sick with cancer. To be able to donate their time and effort. I would like to see others including my cousin. To be cancer free. I know it sucks for those who are fighting it.

typical night

there is nothing like spending Friday night on the Computer„ typical night, just repainted my finger nails Orange they are so bright. I love the way of spending my Friday nights being myself and updating about the latest news that I hear from the past week. I am just one busy lady chick. Just a tiring night owl who used to stay up late, but not anymore. I had to change that about me this past couple months. I love new things about me.

Play news

So the update is that I got the lead role of the play, it’s great and that. I am excited to share the news!

bugging me…

what is bugging me tonight? well just about the fact is that I recently got my computer back and that I cannot find my word program. Now this sucks! Life is not all that perfect, I just have to install it myself again. Things will be just fine again and that Life is good.

"There us nothing like a short trip to the desert. It’s fun while it lasts!"

Wow the great ocean of life, great caption of the day.

Wow the great ocean of life, great caption of the day.


I love traveling, like going on amtrak is the perfect way to away for a couple of days. I enjoy it and I keep myself busy.

It’s world down syndrome day, show your support and show your love for US you can tell who they are.

Pretty Little Liars

Yea so as I was watching the show just so thrilling about the show, I am so much into it. I can’t help but wondering what’s happening next.. I’m like really into it for years now, I am obsessed and Love this show.

I’m awaited for Glee to be on, I can’t wait for Glee 100 episode like wow hurry up and be on..